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April 2009 ~ Meet Sophie

Gender: Female

Age:  8 years

Location:  Georgia

Rescue Group:  Adopt a Golden Atlanta 

Out of State Adoptions:  Yes 

Bio:  Sophie is an 8-yr-old female golden retriever. When her owners had a baby they gave her to the husband’s elderly mother, who could not handle Sophie because she suddenly became blind.  Although we will take Sophie to see a specialist to determine the cause of her blindness, we are not hopeful that we will be able to restore her sight. So we are seeking a family for Sophie who can take of a blind dog. Few stairs are a must. Sophie is a very sweet girl and loves kids and other dogs. She hasn’t met a cat so we don’t know about that. She is afraid of vacuums and thunder as a lot of goldens are! She is housebroken and has very nice manners.

Update from Sophie’s foster mother:

We picked Sophie up from the vet's office last Tuesday afternoon.  She got into the car willingly and rode very well.  By that evening she was sleeping in my husband's lap.  She seemed to bond to us very quickly.  She loves being petted and is very tolerant of being kissed and "mushed" by strangers, namely, us!  She likes attention and prefers to be near us.

She learned her way around our first floor -- kitchen, family room, and laundry room (where the dogs eat) pretty quickly.  She usually goes slowly around the perimeter of the room grazing the wall, cabinets or furniture with the side of her face. She comes very well to her name, finger snapping or that kissing sound we make to them.  She doesn't get anxious or spooked when she runs into things.

We've been taking her on walks around our neighborhood.  My husband walks in front with our two Goldens and Sophie and I bring up the rear.  She doesn't tug and keeps a nice pace.

There's lots to tell about Miss Sophie.  She is a wonderful dog who seems to be coping well with her disability.  She has been a very easy dog to foster.  Ideally, I think she would do well in a home with no stairs with someone who is retired or works from home, someone who is willing to declutter the floor of things she will run into. She likes kids, but older, less active kids might be best. 



Status: Adopted

Rescue Website:



Here's Sophie



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