Rescue of the Month

April 2010 ~ Meet Maggie

MaggieGender: Female

Age: Young

Location: Greenville, South Carolina

Rescue Group: Foothills Golden Retriever Rescue (FHGRR)

Out of State Adoptions:  Yes 

Bio:  Recently, a young golden retriever now named Maggie was found running loose with a group of other puppies in a Greenville neighborhood. A concerned citizen called Speak for Animals, and the organization sent a staff member out to investigate. The other puppies ran away, but one little reddish golden approached the staffer, as if to say “What about me?”

FHGRR was notified, and Maggie's savior (now her foster mom) took the skinny girl home, after confirming that the dog's owners did not want her. In her foster home, Maggie was a sweet, loving girl, though underweight and lacking muscle tone. She was consistently gentle and got along great with her canine foster siblings. She seemed very happy just to be in a warm house with kind humans, good food, and a soft bed to sleep on each night.

When her foster mom took her to the vet for her spay surgery, the vets discovered what they thought was a cancerous tumor. Soon after, however, they realized that Maggie had been shot, damaging her spleen and other organs. This poor girl had peritonitis, and Dr. Randall at Foothills Animal Hospital was surprised that she was still alive.

MaggieFortunately for Maggie, she had FHGRR and Dr. Randall on her side. As of February 23, she has had two surgeries and her wound has been closed. This precious pup has maintained her gentle nature throughout the ordeal, and everyone on the vet's staff loves her. She has come through her trials with surprising grace and a strong will, a testament to the fact that love, courage and expert care can change lives.

Maggie's foster family will keep her safe and calm while she recuperates. She is one lucky girl to have made it through such a harrowing experience. But this is not the end of her medical misfortunes. Once Maggie recovers from surgery, she will have to go through heartworm treatment. Needless to say, her medical bills will be hefty.

Can you help us defray the cost of sweet Maggie's medical bills? If so, please send your donation (check or money order) to:

P.O. Box 9077
Greenville, SC 29604

FHGRR appreciates your support-we couldn't do this work without it!


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