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August 2007 ~ Meet Bibi & Yang

Genders: Female (Bibi), Male (Yang)Bibi

Age: 12 years

Location:  Georgia

Rescue Group:  Adopt a Golden Atlanta

Out of State Adoptions: Yes

Bio:   Yang and Bibi are 12-year-old goldens who are brother and sister. Their owners were moving out of town and a child developed allergies so the dogs were not invited to do the move. Both are on the small side weighing in the 50 pound range and act much younger than their ages.

These kids-at-heart are very well Yangbehaved (never been on the furniture), trained (they don't beg for food) and quiet (oh, no, wait, they snore a little!). They're calm and full of love, but surprisingly, the only golden trait they don't have is they DON'T LICK!!! They like to ride in the car, go for walks at a leisurely pace, and just spend time outside. One of their favorite pastimes is just sitting on the deck porch surveying the yard. They are great dogs. These goldens would be perfect companions for someone who is dogless now and wants two new best friends who are absolutely no trouble.

Please consider making room in your heart and in your home for these two Seniors. They don't require much--but will give you SO MUCH in return.


Status:  Bibi & Yang are together in permanent foster care.

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