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August 2009 ~ Meet Marci

Gender: Female

Age:  6-7 years

Location:  Tennessee 

Rescue Group:  Heartland Golden Rescue (Knoxville, TN) 

Out of State Adoptions:  Yes 

Bio:  My name is Marci–-also affectionately known as Possum Face.  Details of my previous life are a bit hazy, and what little I remember I prefer to forget; it was not a great life.  My new life began when I was picked up as a stray in Anderson County, TN, and taken to the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter at the end of April. 

I was in such rough shape and looked so old that the Shelter staff was not sure I was a Golden.  They called Heartland rescue who came and bailed me out.  What little coat I had was in terrible condition and I was very skinny.  Things did not look good when I was examined by the vet and they said I had heartworms and I was not well enough to start the treatment.  They had to build me back up into better shape and so it was several weeks before the treatment was started.

I stayed at the clinic until 23rd July, just over two and a half months.  The staff was wonderful and bought me toys–-I don’t think I have ever had toys before and I am very proud of them and take good care of them.

I have a lot more freedom now that I have finished my heartworm treatment.  I can run around with other dogs BUT I DO NOT LIKE CATS.  I cannot go to live with anyone who has a cat.

I feel so much better but unfortunately I have prematurely aged probably due to my previous life. Dr. Brad thinks I am around 6-7 years old,  but I actually look about 9-10 years old.  I do tremble a little when something new happens but all in all I am a very happy little girl.

Here are a few more pictures of me. Click on the thumbnails to see how I've changed.

  • Marci-April30
  • Marci MidMay2009001
  • Marci MidMay2009004
  • Marci-midMay2009005
  • -marci30june09001
  • -marci30june09004
  • -marci30june09006
  • -marci30june09008
  • -marci30june09011
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  • -marci30june09016

Status: Available

Rescue Website:



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