Rescue of the Month

December 2010 ~ Meet Cooper

CooperGender: Male

Age: 4 years

Location: Owings Mills, MD

Rescue Group: GoldHeart Golden Retriever Rescue

Out of State Adoptions: Yes, on a case-by-case basis with board approval.

Bio: Cooper is a handsome, healthy, red-gold fellow looking for a forever home that offers him plenty of exercise for his high activity level. He's a four year old "puppy" who shows no signs of slowing down. A brisk daily walk in addition to playtime in a fenced yard would make him very happy. He is content to play in the yard while his foster mom does yard work, and especially loves playing with his tennis ball which he can retrieve non-stop. And yes, he's happy to bring it back as long as he knows you’ll throw it again!

Cooper doesn't dig or try to scale the fence but will chase squirrels or other wildlife. It is unknown how he is with cats but has gotten along well with his two golden foster brothers and another golden who came to visit. He knows sit, down, come and walks nicely on a leash. Stay is a challenge but this wiggly fellow is trying real hard. He has "will work for treats" written all over him and works hard to please. Depending upon the experience of the adopter, obedience training may be required to help him be more reliable with the commands he's been introduced to.

CooperCooper was very stressed when he first came into foster care but having a calm regular daily routine has helped him settle in well. He likes the grandkids but his high activity level would be overwhelming for small children so a home without children would be best. Cooper is housebroken but shy in the presence of those he doesn't know and has had incidents of submissive urination. This behavior has diminished with patience, understanding and good handling. As a result, he stays in his crate (which is located in the midst of all the household activity) when company comes or his foster mom is away for long periods. He likes and feels secure in his crate. Otherwise he is allowed loose in the house. His house manners are quite good although he's an opportunist if food is left unattended. He loves to chew his bones and doesn't chew anything he shouldn't.

If you have an active lifestyle this sweet fellow may be for you.


Status: Adopted

Rescue Website:



*** TOBY ***

TobyToby is the newest member of the GoldHeart family. He is 2 and a half years old. A small, petite golden of 45 pounds. Isn't he a cutie? He captures your heart as soon as you meet him. Toby loves to run and play with everybody at his foster home. He loves to play ball and go for walks, is crate trained and house broken. He is the perfect dog and everyone at the vet's office loves him. "Vet's office?" you say. "He is the picture of health!" Not really.

Toby is in renal failure. He has been given maybe a year to live. The GoldHeart board has decided to make Toby a Long Term Foster. We are going to treat him and give him as much quality of life as we can, but we need a little help. We are sending out a plea to ask if you can to send $5 (or whatever you can send, no amount is too small) to the Toby Fund.

We never turn a dog away from the GoldHeart family, no matter his/her age or health issues. We bring them in and keep them comfortable for their remaining days until they cross over that Rainbow Bridge. If you would like to donate towards Toby's ongoing care, please see our donation page at .

Toby is at the bridge.

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