Rescue of the Month

December 2011 ~ Meet Chloe


ChloeGender: Female

Age: 4 years

Location: South Florida

Rescue Group: Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue (EGRR)

Out of State Adoptions: Yes, in some cases

Bio: Chloe was surrendered to EGRR by a family who did not have enough time for her. Her first foster home described her as a puppy in a 4 year old body because she was so energetic, enthusiastic, and affectionate. In that home it was discovered that she loved training! She had never been taught to be a good house dog so she just didn’t know what was expected of her. We were told that she just glows when shown how to please.

ChloeChloe is now living in a foster home with a dolphin trainer and a child therapist where she is doing a great job learning good doggy manners and behaviors. She is a typical Golden Retriever: she loves attention and affection! She is still learning that she cannot have attention EVERY second of the day, and is being taught how to entertain herself. She has a few bad habits (who doesn’t?) like jumping and grabbing socks from a laundry basket, but with consistency and training, she is improving daily. Chloe does GREAT on a leash, and runs with her foster moms while they bike and rollerblade. With all this exercise, Chloe is losing weight and getting into tiptop shape! This is helping her to relax and to rest when her family is chilling-out in the evening. She no longer has to sleep in a crate or stay crated when they aren’t home (she doesn’t get herself into any trouble!!).

Chloe is an exceptional dog who deserves a family who is willing to give her the attention she needs. Because she wants so much attention for herself, EGRR feels that she would do best as an only dog. She has moved around a lot, so her foster moms hope that whoever is interested in adopting her is willing to commit to her forever, as she will to you. She’s a wonderful dog with so much love to give!


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