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February 2009 ~ Meet Neptune

Gender: Male

Age:  1 year

Location:  Mississippi

Rescue Group:  Sunshine Golden Retriever Rescue

Out of State Adoptions:  Yes 

Bio:  Neptune is a one-yr-old golden retriever.  He was brought into rescue when a family in Clayton, Alabama, who had been feeding him as a stray, accidentally ran over him causing him to fracture his pelvis and break his left hind femur. He had surgery initially to put in a pin as recommended by one of our vets. Unfortunately for Neptune that pin did not do the trick and after a few weeks of healing/rehab it was clear he would need more extensive orthopedic surgery. He has had this done and is FINALLY on his way to health and happiness!

Here are some details about this incredible dog from his loving foster mom:  "Neptune's six-week evaluation revealed that he’s healing 'remarkably well.'  He’s now allowed to walk on leash three times a day for ten to fifteen minute intervals, and HE ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT. He never barks at anything on our walks, nor does his tail ever stop wagging.  He’s just such a sweet and loving animal.

"I have so much to say about this awesome dog, but I’ll just continue to keep him safe and on his recovery regime to ensure full recovery.  This is a dog that has been through so much, but never lets on that there’s been a lot of physical pain and confinement to the joys he so deserves. He’s a real teacher to me--he’s always in the moment, always loving large and has been so kind and tender throughout all of his trials and tribulations. All my neighbors and every vet and vet tech comments on how sweet he is.  He’s a special young dog looking for that special family, and I’ve no doubt a perfect match will be found for this amazing and deserving dog who has captured my heart and filled my soul with hope and courage by his fine example."




Status: Adopted

Rescue Website:



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If you'd like to adopt, but the featured golden is out of your geographical area, please check with your local rescue groups for available golden retrievers near you: Rescue Groups by State

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