Rescue of the Month

January 2008 ~ Meet Ollie

Gender: Female

Age:  5 years

Location:  Georgia

Rescue Group:  Adopt a Golden Atlanta

Out of State Adoptions:  Yes

Bio:   When we brought Ollie into our program, she didn't know she was very sick. She was happy, sweet, and loving, graciously offering her paw to anyone who stopped to speak to her. She certainly would have had a hard time understanding unpronounceable words like squamous cell carcinoma and partial mandibulectomy. If she could have understood, we would have explained to her that she had a large cancerous tumor in her mouth and the tumor and a part of her lower jaw had to be removed to save her life. As scary as it sounds, we would reassure her that following surgery and recovery, she would be able to chow down on regular dog food and treats, would mostly retain her beautiful appearance, and most importantly, would enjoy a normal life span. Thanks to all of her friends out there who donated money for her surgery, Ollie is cured! Ollie is doing great and her biopsy came back all clear. She will hopefully live a long life.

Ollie's tongue hangs out, but she is getting better at keeping it in her mouth as she strengthens her tongue muscles. Ollie came into the program with her brother Ozzie, and we had no intention of separating them until we saw how well they each did without each other. Ozzie fell in love with a real golden girlfriend and Ollie is now trying to find her forever home.

Ollie loves other dogs and adores people big and small. She is a doll and will give you her paw at every chance to get petted. Please open your heart to her because she will give you hers.



Status:  Ollie has been adopted by her foster family

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