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July 2009 ~ Meet Babe & Chase

Gender: Female & MaleBabe

Age:  10 years

Location:  Greenville, South Carolina 

Rescue Group:  Foothills Golden Retriever Rescue (FHGRR) 

Out of State Adoptions:  Yes 

Bio:  Babe and Chase are 10-yr-old golden retrievers who have always been together, and should stay that way.  What started out as a confusing situation for them (turn in due to owner's health) has not taken away their true Chasegolden personalities. They have proven to be willing family members who wait at doors before exiting, patiently wait for meal time, get along with their foster Maltese, sleep well all through the night and allow fussy grooming. No jumping, no counter surfing, no hyperactivity. They take going potty as fundamental and quickly take care of business when they go outside. Chase may have gotten his name due to the occasional romp in the yard. Babe just watches. Both will meander in the yard, and come when they are called. The only health issue is thicker ears on Chase due to prior ear infections which have been treated. Consider this pair if you don't want to deal with a high energy level, but do want to deal with affection. Love they offer. What more could you ask for?

Meet Babe & Chase



Status: Adopted

Rescue Website:



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