Rescues of the Month

July 2010 ~ Meet Lindsay

Gender: Female

Age: 12 years

Location: Nebraska

Rescue Group: Golden Retriever Rescue in Nebraska (GRRIN)

Out of State Adoptions: Occasionally

Bio:  Lindsay is a 12-year-old female who has had just one owner. The gentleman who owned her adored her and she was definitely the apple of his eye.  She followed him Lindsayeverywhere he went and they were inseparable.  When he became ill with cancer, he contacted GRRIN to help him find a new home for Lindsay.

Lindsay is a happy, playful girl, who loves other dogs, gets along with cats, is well trained, obedient, and housebroken.  She has some arthritis in her hips so she pays after she attempts to run and play, but some rimadyl will take care of any discomfort. She is also deaf but gets around well in spite of it.  When she sleeps she doesn't hear a thing.  A week ago she had two growths removed.  One was on her leg and she kept licking it.  The other was on her back and it was removed because it was rather large and since she already was under anesthesia it was taken off.  She is doing well and the stitches will be removed in one week. She is very special.


Hospice (permanent foster)

Rescue Website:  Golden Retriever Rescue in Nebraska (GRRIN)




July 2010 ~ Meet Daisy and Tulley

Gender: Female & Male

Age: 8 months (Daisy) and 1 year (Tulley)

Location: Denver, Colorado

Rescue Group: Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue (GRFR)

Out of State Adoptions: No

Bio:  Daisy is a sweet 8-month-old golden retriever looking for a loving forever home. When she first came into foster care, Daisy was not so sure about being in a house but it was only a matter of days before she figured out how great it really is!  Now, she can be found playing with toys in the family room, following her foster mom around or just taking a nap in her wonderful new bed!  (She REALLY thinks the bed is pretty cool). She has had no accidents in the house and is being crate trained in her foster home. Daisy loves her foster brothers and  gets very excited when she can meet other dogs out and about.  
Daisy has what the veterinarian calls a "deformity" in her spine.  (Shhhh....don't tell Daisy.  She has no idea.)  Basically, there is a large curve in in her spine that creates a hump on her back.  Because of this, Daisy has a bit of an unusual walk but it causes no pain and certainly does not stop her from chasing her foster brothers around the back yard.  It is difficult for her to walk on hard surfaces like tile or wood floors, but her foster family is working with her on it and she is getting better and better every day.
She is a very determined and brave little girl.  See, when Daisy came into GRFR, she was not in great shape.   Now that she is living the good life, she is getting stronger every day.  Daisy's foster mom watched as she figured out how to get up stairs by herself.  She spent about 15 minutes trying different methods and then found one that works for her.  She is now able to get up and down by herself using a hopping motion. GRFR has no doubt that she will continue to learn what she is really capable of as she continues to be loved by a very special family.  
Daisy is going to see a specialist soon.  We are hoping to then learn more about her spine and hopefully get some ideas on ways to continue to make her stronger.  

Although Daisy is never going to be a running partner, she is going to make a lucky family very happy.  She has so much love to give and is just looking for her forever family!

Daisy (left) and Tulley (right)

Daisy (left) and Tulley (right)

Tulley is a 1-year-old golden who was released from a backyard breeder with his "sister" Daisy.  He is a little shy right now; everything in the big world is new to him. He is taking it all in stride.  Tulley has learned about stairs and elevators and floors.  Most of all, Tulley has learned about love.  He loves to cuddle. He will cuddle with humans, dogs, toys, pretty much anything, but of course people are his favorite thing to cuddle with. Tulley is still learning to be an "indoor" dog and loves having his own dog bed.

Tulley loves to run and play in the backyard and loves to sleep in the grass. If you lose sight of him just check the shady grass under the nearest tree. Tulley will be seeing a GRFR vet soon to see how best to help him with his right front leg. You see, he does not have a front paw. GRFR does not know why and, so far, Tulley has not told us either.  He knows that GRFR will listen to the vet and take good care of him.  

Tulley is looking for forever family who will take him places, spend time showing him how much fun the world can be and help him build his confidence. He needs a family with another dog for him to cuddle with and to help him learn all about the good life in Colorado. Everyone who meets Tulley falls in love with him. No wonder! He is so sweet and loving, and handsome too.

Tulley is on MEDICAL HOLD and currently not available. Please check the rescue website for updates after Tulley's next vet visit.


Available (Daisy), On Medical Hold (Tulley)

Rescue Website:  Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue (GRFR)




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