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June 2008 ~ Meet Farley

Gender: Male

Age:  11 years

Location:  Nebraska

Rescue Group:  Golden Retriever Rescue in Nebraska (GRRIN)

Out of State Adoptions:  Occasionally



Bio:  Farley is 11 years old, but don't let that fool you.  He still has the energy of a much younger dog!  Farley's owner had to move into a place that didn't allow dogs, so she asked GRRIN to find him a loving family.  Farley is trustworthy alone in the house, does great with kids, and totally ignores cats.  His favorite toy is a stuffed hedgehog that he carries everywhere -- the only time he leaves it is when someone is playing with him.  Farley is a typical Golden who loves attention, but if you're busy, he's content to just hang out with his hedgehog.  Can you find a place for Farley (and his hedgehog) in your home?


Status: Adopted

Rescue Website:




June 2008 ~ Meet Maggie

Gender: Female

Age:  12 years

Location:  NE Ohio

Rescue Group:  Golden Retrievers In Need Rescue Service, Inc. (G.R.I.N.)

Out of State Adoptions:  NE Ohio and western PA only 


Bio:  Maggie lost her home when her elderly owner passed away and his wife was moved to an assisted living facility.  Maggie is a very obedient golden girl.  She has excellent manners and has been trained very well.  Maggie is an angel--really lovable!  Don't be fooled by her age, she has lots of love to give to her new family. Maggie gets along with other dogs, but likes to be the female in charge. She enjoys her walks, and her new favorite spring activity: chasing the birds!


Status: Adopted

Rescue Website:




Notice:  The Gold Post is not affiliated with any of the rescue organizations listed on this page.  All information is supplied by the organizations themselves and is presented here only to highlight dogs available for adoption.  It is the sole responsibility of interested parties to contact the rescue groups to ascertain the validity of any postings.

If you'd like to adopt, but the featured golden is out of your geographical area, please check with your local rescue groups for available golden retrievers near you: Rescue Groups by State

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