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June 2009 ~ Meet Justine

Gender: Female

Age:  7-9 years

Location:  Blacksburg, Virginia 

Rescue Group:  Heartland Golden Rescue (Knoxville, TN) 

Out of State Adoptions:  Yes 


Bio:  Justine is a friendly purebred golden retriever who loves spending time outside.  She is looking for a wonderful home where she can share all of the enthusiasm and love she has stored up!  At some point, she spent quite a bit of time on the streets.  When she first came into the rescue program, she would not eat or come through a door if anyone was standing nearby.  She has made tremendous progress, so that she now wants to be with "her people" constantly.  She does enjoy spending time outside, though, and will lay out in the sun in the fenced yard for hours at a time given a choice.  While there are plenty of dogbeds in her foster home, her real preference is a nice cushy sofa!  She'd like a home where the people don't insist on sitting on the sofa alone, and where she can sleep in the bed!

There is arthritis evident in Justine's hips which is well controlled with Tramadol.  Without the painkillers, she can be a little grumpy, especially when her blind foster brother dog steps on her.  She is also prone to growl if a new dog enters her personal space.  However, there are four other dogs in her foster home, and they all get along well.  She loves playing with the other familiar dogs, and was thoroughly fascinated by a miniature dachshund that came to visit.  She is quite frustrated that the big blind male golden does not understand her actions when she is trying to get him interested in a game of chase!  It would be a shame to adopt her if you have a dog that would not appreciate her playfulness.

Justine is a loving, attentive golden who is at the nice, calm stage but still has plenty of energy for walks and petting.  She would love a home where she can be closer to the center of attention (and a dedicated spot on the sofa)!  While her foster home does not have cats, she has been tested with cats and seems generally uninterested in them. 

If you are interested in learning more about Justine, or other goldens for adoption by Heartland, please visit our website.

Note:  Justine is available for adoption from Heartland Golden Rescue from Knoxville TN.  However, she is being fostered by a home in Virginia.  Heartland is a diverse group with volunteers all over the nation who are particularly dedicated to ensuring good homes for senior and special needs goldens.  We work with adopters to ensure that the golden closely fits the lifestyle of the adopter.  Therefore, the program is willing to adopt outside TN as long as adequate information is available to ensure a suitable forever home.   Heartland also requests follow-up information to be able to track progress of the dog's adjustment into a home.


Status: Available

Rescue Website:



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