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June 2010 ~ Meet Goldie

GoldieGender: Female

Age: 8 years

Location: Upstate New York

Rescue Group: Autumn Valley Golden Retriever Rescue

Out of State Adoptions: Not in this case (upstate New York, portions of Pennsylvania and New Jersey only)

Bio:  Goldie spent the first seven years of life in a puppy mill.  She was then rescued and taken to a no kill shelter, where she was allowed to run free with the other dogs and became aware that she too was a dog and liked being with the others.  Humans, on the other hand, were very much feared.  She never left her fenced-in yard.  She remained there for a year until her foster mom discovered her on the shelter's web site.

She writes:

“That first week Goldie looked so sad and depressed, it broke my heart.  I would just go in her kennel and sit there so she could get used to me.  I would toss pieces of cheese or bologna on the ground and she would pick them up and eat them.  I would talk softly to her.  My two young male goldens seemed to know how frightened she was and would just lie next to her and keep her company.  After a couple weeks, we opened the gate and let her come out.  She was so unsure of all the space she had that she would just stay close to the fencing.  Eventually she started to follow the other dogs around and explore the entire property.  Soon she started to take treats from my hand which was huge progress.

Goldie“One day it was very cold and raining.  Goldie just laid in the rain because she did not know enough to go in the dog house.  It was then time to bring her in the house and see how she would do.  She was not used to steps or doors so that was another challenge.  We just opened the front door and tried to hide because she was afraid to get too close to us.  She finally came in the house and went around to all the rooms, then settled in front of the dog crates.  I knew that’s where she felt safe so I separated the crates and put a dog bed down for her and that is her place.

“When we are outside she follows me all over but always at a distance.  When she is inside and laying on her bed I sit by her and give her massages.  She was not sure at first if she liked them but I think she does now.  She lets me do anything to her.  

“Goldie really has made tremendous progress in the few months I have had her.  Everything is new to her but every week I see some small change.  I am so hoping for the day where she welcomes my affection for her.”

A qualified applicant can begin working toward adopting Goldie now, but that applicant can expect the process to take longer than an average adoption.  She must be placed within the service territory (upstate New York, portions of Pennsylvania and New Jersey) as multiple visits are necessary prior to adoption.  Goldie can stay home without people during the day, is fine with cats, and requires at least one other well-socialized dog in the home.  Older children are probably best because she startles so easily.


Rescue Website:  Autumn Valley Golden Retriever Rescue



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