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June 2011 ~ Meet Cheyenne & Autumn

Cheyenne & AutumnGender: Male & Female

Age: 8-9 years (Cheyenne) and 5-7 years (Autumn)

Location: Vancouver, Washington

Rescue Group: Golden Bond Rescue (Portland, OR)

Out of State Adoptions: No (Portland Metro Area only)

Bio: My name is Cheyenne.  My longtime friend Autumn and I are looking for a great forever home.  I'm a male Golden Retriever, probably 8 or 9 years old.  Autumn is a mixed breed of some kind, and I'm not sure how old she is.  Autumn is sweet and loving around humans, but she holds her own and keeps me in my place when we roughhouse together, even though I weigh 80 pounds and she only weighs 26 pounds.

AutumnI like to cuddle with my foster mom by resting my head on her lap.  When she lets me (or when she is not looking), I like to get up on the couch or her bed.  I've heard her tell folks that 95 percent of the time I am a perfect Golden.  I think the other 5 percent is when I get too excited when she gets home or when I want to play.  I can't help myself!  I just want her to throw my toy or play tug-of-war with me.  Sometimes I grab for a toy she's holding.  Because of this, she thinks I should not be in a family with little kids or with bigger kids who would be frightened when I jump and bark.  Sometimes I forget how to ask nicely for what I want, and when I want to play, the only thing I can remember how to do is bark loudly and jump up and down.  I can jump up to be even with my foster mom's face — and she's tall!  I also get excited when we go for walks, and so I will pull on the leash.  But I calm down after we've been walking for a while.

CheyenneMy foster mom thinks I'm pretty smart.  I have amazed her with how good I am at finding my toys, even when she tries to hide them.  I am a good chewer, so all of the soft toys have disappeared.  But she got me a really hard bone-shaped toy that I like. I also like to chew and eat paper, especially toilet paper.

Autumn is calmer than I am.  She likes to sleep off the ground (at our foster home, she took over the cat's bed on a bench by a window, from which she enjoys looking out).  She eats by taking a mouthful out of the bowl, putting it on the floor, then eating it.  I think Autumn is pretty cute, and my foster mom agrees.  She especially likes the way Autumn's tongue tip sticks out of her mouth when she rests.  Autumn has some bumps on her back, but the vet isn't concerned about them.

We both get along well with the dog and cat who live in our foster home.  I like getting in the car and taking rides with Autumn.  I don't like to be separated from her — especially if I can still see her on the other side of a fence — and she feels the same about me.  I am  so attached to little Autumn that if she isn't around, I won't eat; I spend my time looking for her.  So we need to find a forever family with enough room in their hearts for both of us.  Do you think that might be your home?



Status: Available
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