Rescue of the Month

March 2009 ~ Meet Holly

Gender: Female

Age:  2-3 years

Location:  Georgia

Rescue Group:  Atlanta Dog Squad

Out of State Adoptions:  Yes 

Bio:  Holly is a smaller golden retriever (around 50 pounds) who was terribly frightened when first rescued. She'd been treated badly and she's still a little nervous around strangers. But Holly was lucky enough to have a wonderful sponsor working with her. She has spent the past year in his loving home learning that she can trust people... and learning that people will love and protect her. She's now ready to find a family of her very own.

Holly really loves tennis balls and if you play with her she's your immediate friend. She's also a toy collector. In fact, she considers her stuffed toys to be her babies and carries them around the house. She'll wander the house, picking up lost toys and take them to her kennel to cuddle with during the night. She's good about sharing her toys with her friends too - big, small, human or canine.

She's great on a leash and always turns to make sure her human is close by. Since Holly is still shy and can spook easily with unfamiliar noises or situations, she'll need a home with a tall fenced yard and a family that can continue to work with her to build her confidence. A confident, secure dog who will not pick on Holly is also required.

Holly takes a daily hormone supplement, which is inexpensive.   




Status: Adopted

Rescue Website:




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If you'd like to adopt, but the featured golden is out of your geographical area, please check with your local rescue groups for available golden retrievers near you: Rescue Groups by State

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