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March 2010 ~ Meet Otis

OtisGender: Male

Age: 1.5 years

Location: Denver, Colorado

Rescue Group: Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue (GRFR)

Out of State Adoptions:  No 

Bio:  Meet Otis! He is a 1-1/2 year old golden retriever with a gorgeous blond coat and soulful eyes that will melt your heart when you meet him!

Otis and his siblings, George, Annabelle, Minnie Paws and Shawnee, were lucky enough to be released by a Midwest "breeder". None of them had been socialized much, which is sad, but the good news is that they are young and with the help of a loving family, their lonely past will quickly be forgotten.

Not only did Otis have a sad start to life but he and his siblings all became very ill, very suddenly. Otis was quickly hospitalized and spent several days in isolation. He would barely eat, although many volunteers brought him special food to entice him. Part of the problem was Otis did not have the typical trusting personality of most Goldens, because of his horrible past. Most breeder dogs do not associate food with good memories so feeding him was an added challenge. The only way the staff or volunteers could get him to eat was to put his bowl outside and turn their backs. If anyone watched him eat he would cower in fear. With IV fluids and antibiotics, a feeding tube, and especially the love and care he received during his stay, Otis continued to recuperate and when he reached a stable point, he was allowed to go back to his foster home, in hopes that he could begin to learn new Golden ways from his foster brother.

OtisAlthough his spirits perked up at his foster home, his pneumonia worsened, and he quickly regressed again. He was admitted into ICU for a second time. This time the vets decided to take a more aggressive approach to his treatment. They still have not been able to diagnose his condition, but are now successfully treating the symptoms. After trying a new medication he perked up, and once again was able to return to his loving foster home.

Otis is now doing better and loving his new life! He is still on Medical Hold while he continues to recuperate but the great news is that he is eating well, has settled into his foster home, and approaches his family for affection. He loves to follow his foster brother everywhere! He loves to wrestle and play now too! He's been known to nap with the two young children in the afternoons.

What an amazing boy Otis is! He's got an unbreakable spirit and has a newfound zest for life! He went from being a timid, unsocialized, sick breeder dog to a happy, tail-wagging Golden! He will surely find a loving forever family soon!


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