Rescue of the Month

March 2012~ Meet Nikki

Gender: Female

Age: 10 years

Location: Greenville, South Carolina

Rescue Group: Foothills Golden Retriever Rescue (FHGRR)

Out of State Adoptions: Yes


Bio: FHGRR rescued Nikki in June when the shelter could not put her on the adoption floor due to her age and health issues. She has been in our home for almost nine months and we have enjoyed this old girl immensely.

Nikki is a very humble and entertaining house guest. She is happy to just sit back and enjoy her queen status. My two male dogs are a bit confused as to how Nikki became queen so quickly, but they too respect her as the old southern bell of the house.

After 9 months, Nikki still does not like to go outside without her person. I think she is afraid she will never come in again. She is the same with inside gates. She will not pass through one unless we go through it first. I find this very odd, but obviously, it has to do with her past.

NikkiNikki has shown no aggression to anyone or anything. She lets everyone come right into the house and just wants to be petted. She is gentle to my 2-year-old grandson and my 75- year-old father. It makes no difference to Nikki. She is great in a car. She can jump out, but not in.

Health wise, Nikki is very sad. She pants so heavily that it can be heard all over the house. She coughs and works for her breath sometimes. She was diagnosed with severe, severe ear infections, but that is much better. She is still on the antibiotics, blood pressure medication, and one other medication. She was originally thought to be in kidney failure, but now it is hoped that when the ear infections are completely cleared up her kidneys will be better. She is heartworm positive. She is on special food due to her kidney situation.

In spite of her ailments, Nikki appears to be very happy in our home and we think she is one of the best fosters we have ever had. If the circumstances were right, Nikki would be a foster failure right now. We are very attached to her and she is so good. She is a true golden and I am so thrilled that FHGRR saved this old soul’s life.


At the Bridge - March 27, 2012
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