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May 2009 ~ Meet Dory

Gender: Female

Age:  1.5 years

Location:  Iowa

Rescue Group:  Iowa Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc. (IGRR) 

Out of State Adoptions:  Yes, in some cases 


Bio:  Dory is a sweet 18-month-old girl. She is the first rescue (of about 100) that our family has considered keeping. Dory is an active girl, she needs another dog to play with or someone who will give her plenty of exercise. She would make a great obedience or agility dog. She is quick to learn and is currently taking obedience classes. She is house- and kennel-trained and LOVES to ride in the car (we have a hard time keeping her out of it). She knows come, sit, and down, and she takes treats nicely. Dory loves to cuddle and prefers to lay on the sofa and in bed touching you. Dory gets along great with our three resident dogs but is overly dominant when meeting new dogs. Once she meets a new dog she is happy to play and socialize. She is not a dog you could take to a dog park and say have fun! She is small in size weighing about 50 pounds. She seems to have some seasonal allergies which we are treating with Benadryl. She is not a dog for a first time owner.



Status: Adopted

Rescue Website:


May 2009 ~ Meet Sage

Gender: Female

Age:  5 years

Location:  Denver, Colorado

Rescue Group:  Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue (GRFR) 

Out of State Adoptions:  No 

Bio:  Sage is a spunky five-year-old purebred golden retriever and she is one very special girl! Her foster family sure is enjoying her playfulness and zest for life!

Sage is unique and deserves a very special forever home. Sage has Progressive Retinal Atrophy and is losing her eyesight. There is no cure for this disease and she will eventually go blind. At this point, her foster parents think she can see shapes but they say impaired vision does not get in Sage's way! Her other senses are completely making up for loss of sight and she still enjoys fun games of fetch with her foster dad.

Sage loves to play and wrestle with her foster sister and other dogs. She does get a bit excited and sometimes her foster sister has to remind her know to play gentler. So, if you have a dog, it would be best if they like to play wrestle too:) There are cats at her foster home and after the initial curiosity, she ignores them now. In her first foster home, the neighborhood kids would stop by after school and loved taking her for walks through the neighborhood.

Sage easily navigates through the house, knows where the toys are. Oh, and her nose works exceptionally well and she will always find her food bowl quickly. She has no problem navigating the big stairs at her house either.

Sage grew up without a lot of attention, maybe her family didn’t know how to act around a dog like her, who was losing her sight. But really she's just like any other golden and needs attention and lots of love and exercise. She's fairly independent and not the typical velcro dog, but since being in her foster home she has become more affectionate and now approaches her foster parents for pets.

She is such a sweet, spunky girl and is looking for a family dedicated to keeping her engaged in life and sharing in the fun while Sage explores the world! It is so enlightening to see life from Sage's viewpoint. You soon learn to appreciate more of the scents and sounds around too.

We have other families that have fostered and adopted vision impaired dogs that can share lots of information and tips with you. If you are interested in meeting Sage, please contact GRFR.



Status: Adopted

Rescue Website:




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