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May 2010 ~ Meet Topper

TopperGender: Male

Age: 6-7 years

Location: Vancouver, Washington

Rescue Group: Golden Bond Rescue (Portland, OR)

Out of State Adoptions: No (Portland Metro Area only)

Bio:  Topper was found running loose in a Portland neighborhood.  He was then sent to a local Humane Society, and had an identification chip.  When his family was contacted to retrieve Topper, they did not return the calls or pick him up. While in the Humane Society's care, it was discovered that Topper was suffering from frequent seizures.  Topper was having one seizure per week that would last anywhere from five to seven minutes.  Golden Bond Rescue was notified of his status and immediately took him in.  He was sent to a foster family that had two other goldens and he immediately bonded and was welcomed into his new pack.  

TopperTopper began taking phenobarbital to control his seizures; at first it began to slow the frequency of the seizures, but he was still having them too frequently.  The vet then decided to also have Topper take Zonisamide to help control the seizures, with the goal of weaning him off the Phenobarbital.  The frequency of seizures reduced to one or two per month.  Topper is no longer taking Phenobarbital, and his seizures are down to one seizure every two to three months!  He is taking a 300mg capsule of Zonisamide twice a day.

Topper’s golden personality has really come out with the reduction of seizures! He likes playing with his new family and has become a great dog!  Topper wants to play fetch until your arm falls off!  Unfortunately, he does not like to give you the toy back right away but he is learning that the sooner he releases the toy, the sooner he gets to chase it again!  Topper also has a fear of riding in the car; he is beginning to like the short drives to the dog park, but does not like long rides.  This is a great dog who will make a permanent family very happy to have him.  He likes to be around other dogs and loves to play!


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