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November 2007 ~ Meet Rex

Gender: Male

Age:  11 years

Location:  Georgia

Rescue Group:  Adopt a Golden Atlanta

Out of State Adoptions:  Yes

Bio:   Rex is a wonderful, wonderful dog despite how he has had to live his life.  Rex is 11 years old and has lived with the same family since he was 6 weeks old.  Here is his story.

Rex had a golden sister who died several weeks ago and now, Rex is all alone.   His owner wanted to turn him into a shelter, but Adopt A Golden Atlanta was able to convince him to sign Rex over to us instead.  He lived in the backyard with an automatic water feeder and a two week supply of food that would be dispensed.  Rex has a fear of thunder and lightning, as most dog who live outdoors do.  He tries to escape now that he is all alone. Wouldn't you? We understand that the fence was electrified at the top to prevent jumping over. The owner proudly said,  "He only tried that once!"

When our vet examined him, we found that Rex had had a broken jaw.  What can we say except that Rex and how he has been treated is why Adopt a Golden Atlanta exists and we hope it is why you are reading his story.  He not only deserves a better life, which really wouldn't take much,  but he deserves to be loved and to be shown how love feels. He deserves his own bed and bellyrubs.  He deserves kisses. He deserves to know people who really care about dogs and who have dogs as a part of the family-- not just shoved out in the backyard.  He deserves you.  Rex loves kids, all people, other dogs and cats.  He loves tennis balls and loves to play fetch.  Since he has been with his foster family, he has moved up from tennis balls to the size in this picture!

Please think about giving this senior golden a place in your life and heart.

UPDATE: After all those years Rex has finally found the forever family that will give him all these good things, and plenty of it. Rex has been adopted but a wonderful family of true dog lovers. He now has a big fenced in yard and a swimming pool plus a golden brother and a golden sister and a cat too. Mom is a stay at home mom and with one teenager and a son in his twenties her dogs are her babies. Rex had to wait so long for the chance to live a golden life but we are so happy that he will now be loved and spoiled in the manner he’s always deserved- goldenly, forever!



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