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November 2008 ~ Meet Riley

Gender: Male

Age:  3-4 years

Location:  Georgia

Rescue Group:  Adopt A Golden Atlanta

Out of State Adoptions:  Yes 


Bio:  Meet Riley, a 3-4 year old male golden who we brought up from Florida. A golden rescue down there had saved him from a shelter where his owner had dumped him. He has been in a wonderful foster home with other goldens and even a couple of horses. He is a very well behaved boy. Riley loves running, walking, having fun, playing games and being with people. He loves people to sweet talk him and give him lots of smooches. He also loves to ride in a car and go on adventures. Riley is a big boy--very manly, yet suave!! Actually, he kind of looks like a model and walks very regally. His coat is long and flowing and medium golden in color so he is a real "head-turner."  Riley doesn't care much for a crate, but has very good house manners and is housetrained. Riley is afraid of thunderstorms and doesn't like to be left alone--that is why Riley came to Atlanta since storms in Florida can be pretty bad. Riley will need to be on some meds so he won't be afraid during one of our storms. He would do best in a home with a work-from-home or stay-at-home parent. He just needs someone to love him.

UPDATE: Riley has been adopted! He has found a forever family who understands his fear of thunderstorms perfectly. They already have one golden with thunderphobia, so certainly were not afraid to have two. When Riley met his new family he jumped out of the car, played with his new golden brother and even tried to play with the horses. Riley's former foster from Florida also had horses, so he thought he was home. His new golden brother is showing Riley the ropes of family life. Mom and dad take their dogs everwhere, so Riley will never have to be alone again. He now has a 10 yr old golden brother, a huge farm with horses and even a pool. He has finally hit the golden jackpot!


Status: Adopted

Rescue Website:



November 2008 ~
Meet Kayla &  Scout

Kayla & ScoutGender: Kayla (female) & Scout (male)

Age:  12 years

Location:  California

Rescue Group:  Homeward Bound Golden
Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc.

Out of State Adoptions:  Yes, in some cases 


ScoutBio:  We are both 12 years old, I am Scout the boy and Kayla is my sister (a girl). We have spent all of our lives taking care of our people family and now it's time for us to retire and enjoy our Golden years! We are still active and would love to find an active set of human retirees to hang out with and have some fun . . . shuffleboard anyone?

Foster Update: 
KaylaHi, I'm Kayla and it's my turn to talk! We got to move into a foster home and boy is it fun! My foster mom made me this really fun toy and throws it for me, I can even throw it in the air. I get to go for walks and explore the back yard. Scout is a macho kind of guy and used to getting his own way so it's a bit of adjustment for him. The people are very kind and are teaching Scout that he can't always be the first one out the door! Scout has a some arthritis and I think that makes him cranky sometimes, but he really is a nice guy as far as brothers go.




Status: Available

Rescue Website:



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