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November 2009 ~ Meet Buddy

BuddyGender: Male

Age: 2 years

Location:  Denver, Colorado 

Rescue Group: Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue (GRFR) 

Out of State Adoptions:  No 

Bio:  Buddy is the quintessential rescue candidate. He is about 2 years old and a purebred Golden, who despite all he has been through in his short life, has a pure golden heart too. Although his road to this point was a rocky one with few ups and many downs, he is quickly transforming into a perfect family member right in front of our eyes.

BuddyBuddy came to us from the Midwest, where he was terribly neglected, being fed once a week, when his owners visited their farm and auction house on the weekends. He was left alone at the auction house all week long to fend for himself, lonely and hungry. Although he regularly played in the fields with neighbor children, he did not have the manners common to a golden living inside.

Buddy was neutered right before his trip to Colorado. Being a playful and exuberant golden, he pulled his stitches out on the trip. When his foster parents checked his stitches they realized he had pulled them all out! He began bleeding profusely and his foster parents rushed him to the emergency animal hospital and literally saved his life. Buddy lost a lot of blood and his health dipped pretty low, due to swelling and infection, but this quickly turned around.

~ Photos of Buddy ~

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Buddy spent his first week in Colorado at the vet’s,  but while there  rebounded quickly and won the affections of the staff. His loving and playful attitude made him the star of the facility.  Now at his foster home, he is quickly learning the ropes of home life and has continuous interaction with children and another adult golden retriever. He is hilarious as he tries to navigate with his plastic cone. He runs into everything, including walls. After destroying the first cone from many collisions, he finally gets it.  

BuddyAlthough his age is the subject of some debate, he has the composition of an adult dog, but the playfulness and energy of a puppy. He is a quick learner as his desire for affection and companionship is very strong. After one accident in the house he is now completely housetrained, understands some basic commands, and is great with children and other dogs. All Buddy wants now is affection, which he is getting in his foster home. He is exceptionally gentle and loving. Although thin with a dull rough coat when he arrived, he is filling out and his coat is gaining luster every day.


Status: Adopted

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