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October 2008 ~
Meet Waggles and Scarlett

Gender: Male (Waggles), Female (Scarlett)

Age:  7 and 4 years

Location:  Georgia

Rescue Group:  Adopt A Golden Atlanta

Out of State Adoptions:  Yes, in some cases 


Bio:  Waggles is a 7-year-old male purebred golden retriever and Scarlett is a 4-year-old female cockazu (cocker spaniel and shitzu) who lost their family when their house went into foreclosure. The family took them to a shelter. A rescue came to the shelter and took little Scarlett but left poor Waggles, the golden, behind. As each day passed Waggles became more and more depressed. This turned into major stress. The shelter staff was fearful that Waggles would die of a broken heart. He was actually crying. We knew we would go get Waggles but we felt these two best friends needed to be reunited. The rescue who had Scarlett agreed. We would take them both. When the shelter manager was told what we were up to she actually cried she was so happy. She went into Waggles' run and sat down with him and told him to just hold on-- "You are going to see Scarlett soon!" She said he perked up, started barking and his tail started wagging! The next day Waggles was a little growly until he saw Scarlett at the vet's office. It was a good reunion and they are sharing a run together waiting for a foster family, and hoping to find a family who will keep them together forever. We promised.


Status: Adopted

Rescue Website:




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