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October 2009 ~ Meet George & Martha

Gender: Male & FemaleGeorge & Martha

Age: 5 years (George) and 6 years (Martha)

Location:  Georgia 

Rescue Group:  Adopt a Golden Atlanta 

Out of State Adoptions:  Yes 

Bio:  George is a 5-yr-old purebred golden retriever and Martha is a 6-yr-old purebred golden.  They were both rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri .  Martha had been forced to have litter after litter of puppies, and was pregnant again when rescued. Martha and George had to be separated for awhile and George actually cried when Martha was taken away to have her pups, surgery, and recovery.  Martha gave birth to six healthy puppies, all of whom have been adopted.  She has been reunited with George and they have a new foster home together.
Update on George from his foster parent:  George is walking very well on a leash and enjoys it very much.  He needs to walk everyday.  It is helping him to come out of his shell and is giving him some exercise.  George goes out of the doggy door to the back yard on his own.  He hasn’t had an accident in the house.  He is very gentle and loves it when I lay by him to cuddle, as long as I’m petting.  He is coming to me now on his own and he loves getting treats.  He sleeps on my side of the bed on his blanket and he will put his head with his chin resting on my mattress looking at me wanting me to pet him.  That is a big, big action for George and tells me he is really beginning to trust humans - even my husband.  

George is an excellent pet, he is okay with my cats, just ignores them.  Since he has Martha it would probably be better if it was just the two of them unless you have a dog that isn’t alpha aggressive and is very accepting.  He, of course, needs to be fed twice a day, walked once a day, petted and loved as much as possible, and groomed regularly by brushing as he sheds quite a bit.  He loves to be brushed so that will be easy.  His coat is so beautiful and I know you will want it to stay that way.  

~ Photos of George and Martha ~

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  • Together

Update on Martha from her foster parent:  Martha has healed from birthing the puppies and from her surgery.  Her coat is looking shiny and healthy.  She is so sweet and loves attention and to be petted.  She competes a little with my golden, Daisy, for attention.  Martha has alpha dog tendencies, but she isn’t aggressive about it.  She has deferred to Daisy.  Martha loves to be walked and is doing very well on her leash and loves checking out the neighborhood.  She is very comfortable in my home and has become my shadow.  She likes to lay by me when I am in my office.  She is a wonderful companion and can get very attached to you.  She is overcoming her fears gradually and doing very well.  When I call her she is so cute as she waddles over to me for praise and acceptance and of course I give her plenty of it.  She loves the backyard and isn’t afraid to explore everywhere.  She is okay with the cats.  I think it would be best for Martha if there were no other dogs in the home other than George because of her tendency to compete for attention.  George won’t compete with her --whatever Martha wants Martha gets (smile).  She is a lovely Golden, doesn’t require much care, isn’t destructive, and has never had an accident in the house.  She goes out of the doggy door into the backyard on her own.  

Both dogs need someone who is willing to commit to taking care of them in the manner I mentioned above so that they will continue to flourish and become the dogs they were meant to be -- happy, healthy, and with a family who loves and adores them, and takes the time to care for their needs.


Status: Adopted

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