Rescue of the Month

October 2011 ~ Meet Buddy & Precious

Buddy & PreciousGender: Male (Buddy), Female (Precious)

Age: 7 years (Buddy), 5 years (Precious)

Location: Georgia

Rescue Group: Adopt a Golden Atlanta

Out of State Adoptions: Yes

Bio: Hi everyone! We have been together as long as we can remember and our birthdays are almost on the same day even though I (Buddy) will be seven soon and she (Precious) will be 5. We're kind of brother and sister and boyfriend and girlfriend all rolled up together, but mainly we are the best of pals and no way do we want to separate from each other. Not in a million years - we would be so miserable without each other. Everyone thinks we are sweet (aw shucks) and we are definitely very friendly. Precious loves to swim and I love my squeaky toy. She likes to cuddle but I'm a guy and I can't admit that I like that kind of thing - except when you rub my neck! Oh boy, that gets me every time ! We know sometimes it takes longer to find a family who wants two dogs together but like I told Precious, it only takes one family! We are going to keep on looking after each other until we find that perfect home with a nice fenced yard that is made for playing. Maybe even with some kids too! We are ready to bring double fun and love. We are so excited about this new adventure - come and see us!


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