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September 2007 ~ Meet Rocket

Gender: Male

Age:  7 years

Location:  NE Ohio

Rescue Group:  Golden Retrievers In Need Rescue Service, Inc. (G.R.I.N.)

Out of State Adoptions:  NE Ohio and western PA only

Bio: Rocket is a neutered golden retriever who was signed over to G.R.I.N. when he was diagnosed with bloat and his owner could not afford the emergency surgery he needed.  He received the surgery and is recovering nicely.  We also learned he is heartworm positive and he started treatments this week.  Because of that, he needs to stay quiet for a while and stay on cage rest. 

For a male, Rocket is on the small side; however, he is beautifully proportioned. He also has great coloring since it is a blended mix of the reds and blonds. His name may have come from the way he just bounces around as if he floats on air. Rocket is gentle and would be fine even with young children. He tends to counter surf when not supervised, so we are working on this while trying to get his weight up, as well as other behavior training. He rarely barks and would be great with other dogs.  Rocket has recovered beautifully from the bloat surgery and is tolerating the heartworm treatment like a champ. For a reward all he needs is an open car door as an invitation for a ride; it seems to be a favorite!

Rocket is good with kids, dogs and cats and loves to play hide-n-seek, soccer, and football and will run for a touchdown!  Rocket will make a wonderful family dog!

StatusRocket was adopted September 2007.

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