Rescue of the Month

September 2008 ~ Meet Buddy

Gender: Male

Age:  5-6 years

Location:  Denver, Colorado

Rescue Group:  Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue (GRFR)

Out of State Adoptions:  No 


Bio:  Buddy is a 5-to-6-year-old purebred Golden Retriever.  He was found as a stray in Southern Missouri almost 2 years ago.  In the shelter, it was reported that he was having many seizures, but they did not have money for testing or medication.

Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue, in Denver, Co. decided to try to help Buddy.  Extensive testing, including an MRI, revealed that Buddy has scar tissue on his brain.  This was likely caused by a trauma to his head.

Buddy is a very sweet boy.  He is friendly and loves children, cats, and other dogs, but he does do better when there is not too much excitement.  Buddy is on anti-seizure medication, and his seizures are under control.  He has not had a seizure for a long time.

Buddy's learning ability is limited, due to his brain damage, but he is totally housetrained, and is never destructive in the house.  Buddy  loves to jog and walk at the park every day.  He is crate-trained, and he spends time in his crate when his foster mom is away for more than a few hours.

Buddy would do really well with someone who is home a lot, and who will walk him every day.  He has three foster siblings, but he would do well in a home with one other furry member, either cat or dog.  He thrives on a schedule, and he requires someone to be aware of his needs.  He must have medication every 12 hours, and the medication costs slightly less than $80.00 per month.  Buddy is neutered and up-to-date on all vaccinations.

Buddy is a wonderful boy who deserves a forever family of his own.  He will reward his new family with love, loyalty and snuggles, as he follows them everywhere they go.



Status: Adopted

Rescue Website:




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