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December 2013 ~
Meet Maggie & Angus

Maggie & Angus
Gender: Female (Maggie); Male (Angus)

Age: 6 years

Location: Georgia

Rescue Group:Adopt a Golden Atlanta

Out of State Adoptions: Yes



Bio: BACKGROUND: We are each 6 year old AKC-registered golden retrievers. We came to live with our other owner when we were just puppies and became very close friends. Not too long ago, our owner had to move and there was no place for us. We have always had to stay in a pen and I guess you can get used to most anything, but we are looking for a new home where we will have a yard, people who will play with us, and where we can stay inside.

Angus asked me to talk for him because he is a little shy. He does like to play, just like all boys, and he has plenty of energy. Personally I like to take things a little easier. Angus isn't sure about cats but I kind of like them. Sometimes I've been known to carry them around-- providing they cooperate! We both like well behaved children and we love to play and get lots of attention. We each have some house manners to learn, and hope our foster can help teach us those things.

Angus and I can't imagine being separated. We love each other and would be so lonely without the other one. Could you think about us and maybe you'd know that you have room for us? We've talked a lot about this and right now it is a dream we hope will come true. Love to everyone, Maggie and Angus.

UPDATE: Hello again! Angus here. Now that we've been with our foster mom for a little bit, she wants me to tell you a little more about myself and my best friend Maggie! Ok, first, I'm not so shy anymore; I just wasn't used to all these new indoor sounds! Maggie and I really, really love being outdoors, rolling in the leaves that you just raked, and chasing those annoying squirrels. We're not quite sure what that round thing is our humans keep trying to get us to pick up and bring to them, but we sure do love running with our humans! We get to go to work with our foster mom, and it's awesome! Our job is to greet everyone and get petted and eat treats, which we are very good at. Our foster mom says she is so proud of us because we are so gentle with even the littlest visitors and other dogs, and everyone tells us we are some of the sweetest pups they have ever met!


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